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Welcome to my site! Inspired by the myspace, tumblr and pixel days. I hope you enjoy exploring and visit often for new updates. - Jenny
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July 2, 2024 Happy Birthday to Me!


About me

Name: Jenny

Age: Secret

Birthday: July 2

Zodiac: Cancer/Year of the Dog

Height: 5'1


I enjoy playing shooter, mmo, horror and otome games!


Dead by Daylight

Animal Crossing

Honkai Star Rail


I'm honestly so basic when it comes to music. I like the top 100 hehe. My music mainly consist of pop, kpop, jpop, cpop lol Just a lot of pop.

I'm a big stan for BlackPink. LISA <3


I LOVE ANIME. I grown up watching anime since I was a little girl. My first one was Sailor Moon and since then I've watched so much growing up! My top favorites are:

One Piece


Hunter x Hunter

Fruits Basket

Currently watching: Frieren: Beyond Journey's End


I'm an introvert. I love desserts that aren't overly sweet. I like staying up super late at night. I'm more of a dog person than a cat person.


Hello, my name is Jenny. My gamer/online tag is LycheePudding. Nice to meet you! By day, I'm your average full-time worker that does marketing and at night I'm a degen that likes staying up late hehe. I love gaming, music, k-dramas, movies, anime, and traveling. As a hobby, I stream my game play on Twitch! I also own a dog name Mopu Tofu. I hope you enjoy learning more about me!


Pay It Back 02/7/24

What a dramatic blog title don't you think? hehe

My dad and my brother were visiting for the week and I got to treat them out for shabu shabu. I met this waiter who saw my brother, my sister and I and asked if were treating our father out? My sister quickly pointed at me and said that I was. She smiled and said that's good! That we should always try treating out our parents while we can. She shared how her parents had her at a very old age. They had her when they were in their 50s! She told me she was so grateful to have the chance to make good money at a young age so she could treat them out and take care of them before they passed away. And how she would do anything to treat them out to one more meal.

I'm tearing up and getting emotional writing this cause it hits so hard. That realization that your parents are getting older and hearing her story made me appreciate where I'm at in my life. I'm grateful to be able to do what I can for my parents. And I strive to be like my waiter that night. Proud that she got to do right by them with no regret before they passed away.

Continuing on the story cause it gets cuter, my dad calls her over and request that she doesn't accept any payment from us. That he knows we would try paying for the meal and that he will be treating us out. She said of course I won't take their payment while giving us a wink because she already took my card already hehe. We were near the end of our meal, and the waiter asked my dad what flavor ice cream he liked and provided a list of flavors they had. He chose red bean and she came out with a HUGE heaping scoop of ice cream and told him it was on the house. She apologized to him for breaking his request and when my dad realize what she meant, he was like "AHH you betrayed me!" She laughed and proceed to tell my dad that it's okay. Let your kids treat you out every once in awhile okay? And she tells him the story about her parents having her at an old age and how much it meant to her that she got to treat them out. And how she misses them and that seeing us that night reminded her of her own parents.

The way she looked at my dad that night while sharing that story, I wish I could have given her a hug. But yeah, I knew I had to blog this down on my site cause I hope that anyone that stumbles by that is reading this, I encourage you to treat your parents out. Surprise them with a gift! Eat a good meal together. Make fun conversations! Take photos! Time is limited and life is too short for it to be filled with regret. I hope we all get to be like my waiter that night. Being able to look back and knowing that you did good. No regrets okay? hehe

My First Blog YAY 01/19/24

Hello! Welcome to my first blog ever! piplup

I don't really know where to start.. piplupso I'll guess I'll ramble on why I created this site! I grew up with MySpace, CrunchyRoll (back when it had profile accounts), Tumblr etc. And I LOVE the aesthetics of the websites back in the day. piplupToday, modern websites are so boring. It lacks the personality that old sites use to have. My heart will forever treasure the pixels, html, music player skins, status updates etc days. piplupBut I'm so happy that Arunyi this incredible artist has helped bring some of that nostalgia to life on this website! It is a mix of late 90s and early 2000 and my love for anime, desserts, pixels all mixed together. piplup

Then, I guess following up is what I plan on doing with this site.piplup It is an outlet where I can share my inner thoughts specifically in this blog section. And also, for it to be one of those small dose of nostalgia. A cute reminder of the past. I'm a strong believer of doing things that would heal my inner child. And I feel younger me would be so amaze to see how far I accomplished! Lastly, it's also a place to help promote my other links and potentially network with new people!

I think this has gotten long enough so I'll wrap it up by thanking anyone who made it this far onto my site. I really hope you enjoy your time here and do think of me and site again and pay us a visit for new updates! <3 Have a lovely day! piplup

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LycheePudding is currently working on this. Please come back later!


Welcome to my virtual room! Below are cute pixels that I have adopted from other fellow sites. Enjoy clicking around, you might find something!

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